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Back on November 6, the day before the election, I posted about an article written by Orson Scott Card, a Democrat, who was advocating the defeat of Democrats in the election.

Well, the election is history, and Card has a verdict: America just lost

Some highlights:

This election proves only that the monolithically leftwing mainstream media can make the public believe we are losing a war that we are winning. As long as we’re getting a two-party Congress, how about getting a two-party press?

If they’re really serious about becoming the majority party, what rich Republicans need to do is stop paying for thousand-dollar-a-plate fundraising dinners and start buying up newspapers and networks. The Democrats already own almost all of them, and we have seen in this election how a prosperous economy can be concealed and a successful war can be turned into a “disaster” when you own the public’s primary sources of information.

Agreed. I refer back to the tagline at the top of this site.

The way to save the lives of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians in Iraq is to get regime change in Iran and Syria. Syria we could topple quite easily, once Iran’s ability to threaten shipping in the Gulf was removed. And without Syria as its surrogate in the Arab world, and without any credible threat to the world oil supply, either Iran’s military would change the Iranian government, or the Iranian government would have to face the fact that it could no longer act with impunity.

The problem is, I doubt the new Democrat majority has the courage to fight this battle. Bold actions are not in their repertoire.

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