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Remember how Democrats were bashing Republicans on the campaign trail for not “fully implementing” the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission?

Democrat Press Conference - September 5, 2006:

At a press conference yesterday, Democrats said the administration should use more diplomacy and fully implement the recommendations by the September 11 commission.

Remember how they claimed this failure was causing America to be less safe?

[Democrat Senator Evan] Bayh remarked on how the Bush Administration’s failure to fully implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission has weakened our nations national security

Remember their promise that if they got into power, they’d fully implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations?

Nancy Pelosi - June 13, 2006:

“Republicans’ misplaced priorities mean America is not as safe it should be. Democrats have a new direction for the American people — one that will fully implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and make the security of the American people a top priority.”

Harry Reid - October 9, 2006:

Reid said if Democrats take power, they would work to redeploy troops off the battlefields. Renew efforts to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Fully implement the 9-11 Commission’s recommendations. Rebuild the military, which some estimates show needs a $75 billion investment to bring it back up to pre war levels of readiness.

Guess what? They were lying. Shocker, I know. But look what they’re doing in the post-election world:

Democratic leaders have decided for now against implementing the one measure that would affect them most directly: a wholesale reorganization of Congress to improve oversight and funding of the nation’s intelligence agencies. …aides on the House and Senate appropriations, armed services and intelligence committees confirmed this week that a reorganization of Congress would not be part of the package of homeland-security changes up for passage in the “first 100 hours” of the Democratic Congress.

Ok, so Democrats promised to fully implement the recommendations pre-election and have decided to not fully implement post-election… it’s not that big of a deal, right?

Or is it? Look at what the 9/11 Commission members think about the part the Democrats have decided to ignore:

…the commission was unequivocal about the need.

“Of all our recommendations, strengthening congressional oversight may be among the most difficult and important,” the panel wrote. “So long as oversight is governed by current congressional rules and resolutions, we believe the American people will not get the security they want and need.”

“We think this is extremely crucial,” [former New Jersey governor and the commission’s co-chairman, Thomas H.] Kean said…

Come on, these are Democrats… did you actually believe them in the first place?

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