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You Want Fries Incompetence With That?
December 4th, 2006 3:49 pm

Democrats are going to try and fast-track a minimum wage hike in January.

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to fast-track efforts to boost the federal minimum wage and could seek to bring a bill directly to the House floor in January.

The new Democrat-controlled 110th Congress convenes on Jan. 4 and Pelosi of California has made clear that raising the federal minimum wage is a top priority she wants the House to accomplish in its first 100 hours of legislative business.

Last night I went to Taco Bell, and if there’s any place in our country you can go to see the best argument against raising the minimum wage, it’s a fast food restaurant. In addition to the barely-comprehendable English spoken over the drive-thru speaker, they completely botched my order… as usual. It’s not rocket science folks. I order a couple of tacos and a drink, you put them in a bag and hand them out the window. Yet, more times than not, such an easy task is apparently too difficult to complete accurately.

And Democrats want to reward this incompetence by forcing private employers to cough up more money for their paychecks. Great.

I’ve been getting hit with the typical “you want better service, be prepared to pay for it” schtick from the lefties. First, thanks for visiting this site and attempting to educate yourselves. Second, I’m not expecting premier service from a fast food joint… I’m expecting, however, that the person behind the counter who is getting paid, has at least the basic competency to perform his or her job duties most of the time.

I’m also getting the sob stories about those poor folks who can’t raise a family on the wages provided by Taco Bell. This is America, people. If you can’t afford to raise a family, don’t start one. Where the hell did personal responsibility go to, anyway? And if you don’t think you’re making enough to fund the lifestyle you’d like, buy the things you need or just get by… then change your job or your lifestyle. It’s called sacrifice. I can testify to it, as I’ve been there. It’s hard, but it’s doable. You have a choice for whom you work and you have a choice in what work you do. You have a choice in how well you perform your work, as well. The federal government shouldn’t be forcing employers to pay more simply because people are unwilling to take personal responsibility for their own life.

Here’s how dumb these anti-business measures are becoming. Not only do Democrats want to arbitrarily mandate what employers should compensate their employees and disallow an employer the freedom to choose what they pay, but now they want to mandate that employers pay employees for not showing up to work, too.

The article tries to throw out some sob stories, but one is off the charts ridiculous:

Leonardo Prado, a restaurant worker in San Francisco, said not having paid sick days was a financial and emotional strain. Mr. Prado, who is divorced, said that last June when his 4-year-old, Antonio, got sick for two days, he had to hire a baby sitter for $10 an hour, even though he earned $8.82 an hour as a waiter, not counting tips.

Setting aside the question of why the mother couldn’t care for the child, maybe someone should donate a calculator to Leonardo. If he’d just stayed home with his child, he would’ve been $1.18/hour to the good.

Paid time off, vacation pay, sick time, health insurance, 401k, etc are all BENEFITS. They’re not entitlements. We have the freedom in this country to choose our employer, and because of that, many employers compete for workers by offering incentives like benefits packages.

This raising of minimum wage and mandating that companies pay employees to stay home is just more evidence of this nanny-state, entitlement mentality where liberals think they’re owed something every moment of every day.

You want the benefits and higher pay? Go to school, get trained and research employers. Stop acting like you’re owed something for simply existing.

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