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Intelligence Failure…
January 10th, 2007 9:15 pm

America, meet the new party in control of Congress…

Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich doesn’t know much about Iran:

HH: Congressman, do you know what the Quds forces are?

DK: (pause) I’m sorry?

HH: Do you…are you aware of the Quds forces?

DK: What are you talking about?

HH: The Quds forces from…they’re an arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Are you familiar with them?

DK: (pause) Go ahead.

HH: Are you? Because I don’t want to pursue it if you’re not.

DK: Well, go ahead. I want to hear what you have to say.

HH: Well, they’re operating in Iraq. Does that concern you?

DK: I think that we need to get the region involved in stopping the insurgency. And the way you do that, the first step you take, is to take away the energy that the insurgency is gaining from the occupation. Look, Iran…you know, we should be concerned about any nation feeling that they can advance their interests through the chaos and civil war of Iraq. And the way that you do it, you have to have a political settlement. We cannot solve this militarily. Most…and many generals who believe that.

HH: Pop quiz, Congressman. Do you know who the supreme leader of Iran is?

DK: (pause) You’re talking about the religious leader?

HH: Yes.

DK: I can’t tell you the name off-hand.

Hint: It’s Ayatollah Khamenei.

And the incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Democrat Silvestre Reyes doesn’t know much about al-Qaida:

Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, who incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tapped to head the Intelligence Committee when the Democrats take over in January, failed a quiz of basic questions about al Qaeda and Hezbollah, two of the key terrorist organizations the intelligence community has focused on since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

When asked by CQ National Security Editor Jeff Stein whether al Qaeda is one or the other of the two major branches of Islam — Sunni or Shiite — Reyes answered “they are probably both,” then ventured “Predominantly — probably Shiite.”

That is wrong. Al Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Laden as a Sunni organization and views Shiites as heretics.

Reyes could also not answer questions put by Stein about Hezbollah, a Shiite group on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations that is based in Southern Lebanon.

So how the hell are we supposed to win a war against terrorists when our Congressional leadership doesn’t even know who or what the enemy is?

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