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Way to go liberals. While the gas burns cleaner and costs more, Mexican kids are starving as a result.

Millions of Mexicans eat a daily dose of tacos - tortillas wrapped around food like beans and chicken. According to Government estimates about half of the country’s 107 million population live in poverty and for those families tortillas are the main source of calories.

Their price has risen steeply across Mexico and has reached 30 pesos ($2.72) a kilogram in Durango state, according to La Jornada newspaper - up 400 per cent from 6 pesos (54 cents) in November.

Mexico now imports much of its corn from the United States, where prices have rocketed 80 per cent to their highest levels in a decade last year due to demand for corn-based ethanol fuel.

Well, at least the starving kids have clean air to breathe…

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