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While the Democrats continue to boast about their “power”, they’re still trying to have it both ways when it comes to policy on the war. Just look at the statements by the two Democrat leaders:

Harry Reid:

Democrats have not agreed on a plan for Iraq either, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the burden of finding a solution rests on the White House.

Nancy Pelosi:

“It will be clear to us whether he’s ready to work co-operatively to do that or if he’s saying, ‘I’m the decider’,” said Pelosi, quoting Bush’s famous retort on Iraq.

For those scoring at home:

Reid: Bush has the burden of deciding the solution.
Pelosi: Bush should not decide on the solution.

It’s their way of trying to pawn the negative things off on Bush while claiming victory on the positive ones for themselves. And it’s typical of the “politics before priorities” pattern of governing they’ve come to perfect.

And it’s interesting that Democrats remind us that the branches of government are equal when they’re opposing a policy of the President… but then they seem to think one branch of government ought to be given more credence (specifically, Congress) when it comes to promoting their own policies.

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