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Some of you know by now, but for those that don’t, I’ve joined Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in an effort to help raise funds for next year’s campaign. Giuliani has recently widened his lead over the other Republican candidates and will probably be the Republican nominee to face off against Hillary Clinton.

And if you don’t think the 2008 election means much, think again.

I’m not going out on a big limb here by predicting the next president is going to get a Supreme Court nomination. One justice will be 92 by the end of the next president’s term; three others will be in their mid-to-late 70s. And with the justices narrowly divided—four solid conservatives, four solid liberals and one wild card who frustrates both sides—the stakes are, well, let’s just state the obvious: The next president could affect the Court’s direction for a generation.

So who would President Giuliani appoint?

Giuliani himself has said he wants to nominate justices like Roberts and Alito, Scalia and Thomas. In an interview just last week he told conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt “that would be my goal,” praising those conservative stalwarts for the “intellectual honesty with which they interpret the law.” And this week, he tapped prominent conservative Washington lawyer Theodore Olson, his old friend from their days in the Reagan Justice Department, to chair his Judicial Advisory Council, heading up a team of lawyers advising him on judges and other legal issues. Olson has known Giuliani 25 years, when they both worked in the Justice Department under Atty. Gen. William French Smith. Giuliani was associate attorney general, and Olson was assistant attorney general, heading up the Office of Legal Counsel.

Olson, who argued Bush v. Gore in the Supreme Court and was President George W. Bush’s first solicitor general, said he met with Giuliani for an hour on Monday to talk about his role in the campaign. Giuliani wanted to form a legal advisory team, and Olson agreed to lead it. “We’re making it up as we go along,” Olson said. “We’ll put together a group to provide advice, suggestions, ideas to write things, and we’ll go out and speak.”

Olson said Giuliani is “absolutely” committed to nominating solid judicial conservatives, and he pointed to his leadership role in the Reagan administration, which nominated a slew of appellate judges who would become conservative icons: Scalia, Bork, Winter, Easterbrook.

If you think this is an important issue, please consider a contribution (in whatever amount you feel comfortable) to support his presidential exploratory effort via Join Rudy 2008 website. Kindly include the “contribution referral number” 3003-13 when processing.

Also, if you’re interested in attending any Giuliani events, please let me know (and tell me where you’re located) and I’ll send you information on events near you.


Some quotes from Rudy at CPAC:

“I believe the Republican Party’s greatest contribution is when we give more freedom to people.”

“America will prevail against the Islamic terrorists. I have no doubt.”

“Maybe we made a mistake in calling this the war on terrorism. This is not our war on them. This is their war on us.”

“This war is over when they stop planning to come over here and kill us. Until then, we have to remain on offense against terrorists.”

“America has the right ideas. We should not be embarrassed by ourselves. We are the luckiest people in the world.”

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