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Looks like liberals are finally taking their gripe over the 2000 election to the big screen. Why not? Hollywood has produced some of the greatest fiction in history.

HBO is revisiting one of the most dramatic events in U.S. election history with “Recount,” a film about the 2000 turmoil in Florida to be directed by Oscar winner Sydney Pollack.

Paula Weinstein is executive producing the HBO Films project, which is targeted to premiere in spring 2008.

Timed perfectly for the heart of the next Presidential election cycle.

But they claim it will have “no political agenda.”

While “Recount” takes on one of the most controversial and politically charged episodes in recent history, the telefilm has no political agenda, Callender said.

Oh really?

It’s being directed by Sydney Pollack, who contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats and liberal groups.

And it’s being produced by Paula Weinstein, who once led the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee alongside Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda and others, which gave more than $6 million to liberal causes during its existence.

So for those keeping score at home, here’s a movie dealing with the fiction that Democrats have been perpetuating for almost 7 years, directed by a guy who gives tons of money to Democrat candidates and groups and is being produced by a women who’s aligned politically with the likes of Streisand and Fonda.

Yeah, “no political agenda” my ass.

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