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Responsible Parenting 101
April 24th, 2007 1:06 pm

Wouldn’t be nice if responsible parenting like this were so common in our country that it didn’t make news?

A father took extreme measures Wednesday to discipline his 14-year-old son, who he claims was abusing drugs.

Because the boy is a minor, 6 News won’t reveal his or his father’s identity.

The boy was forced to wear a large sandwich board sign that said “I abused & sold drugs,” while standing in front of Cedar Bluff Middle School.

“I would like to say that I’m not out here doing this to humiliate my son,’ the dad said. “I’m doing this because I love him. We do have an extreme drug problem in America, and maybe it’s time for extreme measures that parents need to take to monitor this problem that we have.”

The man says he recently learned after reading the boy’s MySpace page his son was involved with marijuana and OxyContin. That’s when he decided to take immediate action.

“Basically he said, ‘Well, I did do the crime and I’m willing to serve the punishment for it,’ and he’s taking it all in stride,” the boy’s father said.

The school’s principal soon came out and asked the father to call it off, which he did.

By that time the boy said he had already learned his lesson. “This is embarrassing. I ain’t going to be doing it again.”

And the boy added, “Drugs are for losers. That’s all I can say.”

Those were the words his dad hoped to hear.

Now how long before the ACLU jumps in to urge the boy to sue his father for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress? 3…. 2…. 1…

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