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So Who Won the Debate?
May 4th, 2007 5:28 am

Who cares?

It’s still more than a year away and real life is passing us by while we decide which candidates had the best sound-bite material. It’s not as if the world’s problems can be solved by a bunch of polished politicos parading before television cameras responding to hostile and sometimes completely stupid questions by political opponents in under a 30 second time limit.

The highlights:

1. Chris Matthews poses the question about whether it would be good for Bill Clinton to return to the White House. Translation: Hillary, you’re still the little wifey despite being the actual candidate.

2. Jim VandeHei asks Mitt Romney what he dislikes about America. Romney gives the Beaver Clever answer of, “Gosh, Wally, I guess I’m at a loss for words.” Here’s some help, Mitt: Surrender-loving democrats, illegal immigration, the legalization of infanticide, pork-barrel spending, broken government social programs, race-peddlers, global warming advocates that commute on jumbo jets, black jelly beans and endless coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith story.

3. Chris Matthews asks Jim Gilmore if Karl Rove is his friend. Apparently Matthews failed to realize recess was over and didn’t pose it appropriately to Matthews in the form of a written question with three boxes to check: “Yes”, “No” and “We’re like BFF”.

4. Jim VandeHei asks the candidates if they know the difference between Shia and Sunni. I wonder if Democrat and House Intelligence Chairman Silvestre Reyes submitted that one.

Maybe Jim should’ve asked that question of Chris Matthews, who apparently doesn’t even know the difference between altered nuclear transfer (as an alternative to fetal stem cells) and nuclear energy.

Now back to American Idol…

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