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Life Without Limits
May 7th, 2007 7:50 am

What an inspiration. I saw Nick Vujicic at church yesterday and what a message it was. Like me, you’ve probably never heard of Nick, but his impact on the world is tremendous. Nick travels around the world sharing God’s message. He knows a spiritual joy many of us may never completely achieve, yet we all strive for.

He said when he was in Indonesia (the world’s largest muslim country) recently and spoke to a crowd of about 350,000 - some who traveled over 750 miles to see him - and saw approximately 80,000 commit their lives to Christ. His travel schedule is more than many of us could probably deal with. And he does it all with a smile on his face… a joy in his heart…

…and without any limbs.

Nick Vujicic was born without limbs, and doctors have no medical explanation for this birth “defect.” Due to his condition, he has been faced with many challenges and trials throughout his life. But, through God’s strength, Nick has been able to turn a life without limbs into a life without limits.

Here’s a video of Nick accomplishing the everyday tasks we take for granted.

At one point yesterday, he was asked whether, if given the opportunity, he would prefer to live a life with arms and legs and he simply stated, “No, I understand my purpose in life, and having limbs wouldn’t allow me to share the message of understanding God’s plan for each of us, as effectively as I do now.”

There’s only one word to describe Nick…


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