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Is Darfur an Imminent Threat?
May 22nd, 2007 11:11 am

If you’ve been listening to Democrat Joe Biden, it must be.

U.S. Sen. Joe Biden said that he would commit U.S. forces immediately to stop militia in Sudan’s Darfur region as long as there were reports of genocide.

He would commit troops immediately to an oil-rich, predominantly Muslim country, with suspected ties to al-Qaida and WMDs, that’s experiencing genocide?

And yet, he faults the Bush administration for “rushing to war” in Iraq when there was “no imminent threat”:

[Biden] believes the Administration went to war too soon, without a real coalition, without enough troops and without a plan to win the peace. As a longtime member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Biden knows that no foreign policy can be sustained without the informed consent of the American people. And of all the mistakes the Bush Administration made in Iraq, perhaps the biggest was that it never leveled with the American people about the lack of an imminent threat, the human and material cost of securing the peace and the need to plan not just for the “day after” but for the “decade after.”

For those of you keeping score at home, the Left is protesting the fact that President Bush sent troops into a predominantly muslim country with suspected ties to terrorism and alleged WMDs, whose leaders were committing genocide while demanding that President Bush send troops into a predominantly muslim country with suspected ties to terrorism and alleged WMDs, whose leaders are committing genocide.

Are They Really Anti-War or Just Anti-Bush?

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