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Criticism of the President…
June 5th, 2007 11:04 pm

It’s pretty harsh

…a person of some significant wealth using his high-tech fortune to underwrite one of the leading anti-war groups in the country, publicly deriding the president as an “obscene clown” and a “baboon.”

The nation’s chief executive is dismissed as “ignorant,” “illiterate” and “without brains” by anti-war partisans. No doubt, a leading New York newspaper was right when it editorialized that the “war issue dwarfed all others,” but should that excuse such vile, ad hominem attacks on the commander in chief during a time of war?

Skipping across several chapters, we find Monday morning quarterbacks in plentiful supply among politicians, editorial writers and leading pundits, many of whom proclaim the war “unnecessary” and boldly assert that “compromise measures” could have prevented the war.

A leading New York politician, playing to anti-war Democrats, echoes the call for an end to the “incompetents” in Washington. The same politician claims the president violated the Constitution and suggests the president is seeking to bring about military despotism under the guise of eavesdropping on private conversations and denying habeas corpus to the supposed enemies in our midst.

…or should I say it was pretty harsh… the year was 1860 and the President at the center of this criticism was Abraham Lincoln.

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