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It’s as if Reuters was trying to see how much bias they could cram into a single article… no, a single paragraph at the beginning of an article…

REYNOSA, Mexico (Reuters) - Tougher security along the U.S.-Mexico border is forcing migrants to take more dangerous, remote routes to cross into the United States and pushing up the number of deaths in the desert.

First, they’re illegal aliens.

Second, tougher border security isn’t forcing them to do anything. They’re choosing to break our laws by trying to come into our country illegally. The fact they’re willing to do it dangerously in the face of security measures isn’t anyone’s fault but their own. It’s retarded to blame border security for their deaths… how about blaming THEM and their ILLEGAL ACTIONS for once?

Can you imagine an article focusing on the fact that locks installed on the front door of houses are forcing burglars to take more dangerous routes like climbing to an upstairs window or scaling tall fencing and resulting in more deaths of “homestead migrants”? Newsflash, folks, deadbolts are pushing up the number of deaths in the burglar community… but let’s not tell the criminals to stop their behavior, let’s tell the victims to make it easier to break in instead.

Following the failure of President George W. Bush’s immigration reform proposals in Congress last month, U.S. policy is centered on tighter border security rather than giving immigrants more options to find jobs legally.

No kidding? Can you believe a government would place a higher priority on protecting its citizens over helping criminal intruders find employment? The horror.

I have a solution to this rising death count…


UPDATE: Why this matters

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