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It’s funny how Democrats will claim President Bush is trashing the Constitution and trampling civil liberties when they talk about a program to monitor communications with suspected terrorists… then they turn around and not only endorse government monitoring of American citizens, but call for such monitoring to be mandated.

Listen carefully to what John Edwards is proposing:

“I think one of the reasons that young people have these kind of results from cancer is, unlike you Lance, they don’t go to the doctor very often, they don’t ride through their pain. Basically what they do is, they either don’t have healthcare coverage or they don’t believe they need to go to the doctor because they feel healthy, they’re young, they see no reason to go to the doctor.

And the result is, whenever they have some kind of symptom, they put it off and they put it off. They’re much more likely to do that than a 54 year old like me. And the result is, by the time they get to the doctor, they have their diseases advanced to the stage it’s hard to treat.

And that’s why it’s so important … that what we do instead is, as part of the universal healthcare system, we don’t just cover preventative care, we mandate preventative care. In other words, if you’re in this universal healthcare system, you have to go for regular, periodic checkups, you have to be monitored…”

If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you’re not paying attention. Democrats want to turn our entire healthcare system into a government-run operation, thereby eliminating our ability to pick and choose our doctors and the level of care we prefer (which I still find ironic as they continue to complain about the level of service received at VA hospitals… which are government-run healthcare facilities). And on top of that, Edwards is proposing that the government mandate monitoring of every citizen to force them to see the doctor if they show symptoms of health issues.

So where are the “defenders of civil liberties” now? Why aren’t they burning effigies of Edwards and claiming that he wants to trash the Constitution? Where are the cries of fascism? Where are the protests and marches to protect our freedom?

The silence is deafening…

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