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Democrats are always claiming they want Republicans to be more bipartisan… which simply means Democrats want Republicans to give them whatever they ask for. If you doubt this, look at the reaction to Bush’s new AG choice, Judge Michael Mukasey.

Instead of nominating Ted Olson - who Democrats pre-emptively launched an attack against - Bush nominated a middle of the road guy.

Michael Mukasey, the man President Bush will nominate Monday morning to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, is not expected to prompt the confirmation battle that Senate Democrats threatened to wage if a more partisan nominee was chosen.
The New York native has received endorsements in the past from liberals, including one of the Senate’s most liberal Democrats. And while some legal conservatives have expressed reservations about his record on the federal bench, other conservatives are happy about the decision.

And is President Bush praised for making a bipartisan move? Of course not.

Bush critics contended the Mukasey nomination was evidence of Bush’s weakened political clout as he heads into the final 15 months of his presidency.

Because it’s all about them.

It’s always about Democrats’ opposition to anything Bush does. Just look at Chuck Schumer’s reaction to Bush picking Mukasey:

Chuck Schumer has begun his rapid retreat from his statements of support for Michael Mukasey. The New York Sun reports that Schumer, who had openly championed Mukasey as a “consensus candidate” to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, suddenly appears unsure of Mukasey after the White House reportedly settled on the retired New York judge for the nomination.

Uncle Chuck changed his mind? Just two years ago, Schumer pushed Mukasey as a contender for the William Rehnquist seat on the Supreme Court. The liberal group Alliance for Justice joined him in endorsing Mukasey as an alternative to John Roberts. Schumer called him a “consensus candidate”, and AJ said it would be a “conciliatory act”.

Suddenly, George Bush’s interest in Mukasey appears to have left a bad taste in Schumer’s mouth. Two years ago, he wanted Mukasey for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Now Chuck has to qualify his support when Bush wants Mukasey to run Justice for a whole 16 months. All that Mukasey has done from the bench since Schumer shopped him in 2005 is retire. Why all of the hesitation?

It’s like Democrats warning us for years about the dangers of Saddam and his WMDs until Bush takes action and suddenly those same people claim there was never really a threat.

I bet if Bush came out today and said he was a homosexual atheist who favored abortion, we’d see a stampede of Democrats rushing to proclaim their stance as straight, God-fearing, pro-lifers.

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