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So sayeth the nutroots… (hat tip: Cadillac Tight)

Atman (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:30 PM

So let me get this straight…Obama’s been winning all day up until the polls close
Then suddenly the race switches and it becomes “too close to call.” Just like certain other major elections of recent years.

Hmmm. Call me Mr. Cynical…but something stinks.

Cheney Killed Bambi (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:29 PM
Does NH use Deibold???????
What the H-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on??? How could Hillary be leading after being so far down in all the polls????

antiimperialist (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:18 PM
Nobody is mentioning the fact that NH voting machines are easy to hack
Edited on Tue Jan-08-08 08:20 PM by antiimperialist
There is no evidence that anyone did this, but the possibility is there.
A post here in DU informed that Black Box Voting’s hacker Harri Hursti was able to hack the Diebold optical scanners in NH this week.
With no polls predicting Clinton’s win, could we speculate that she stole the elections?/blockquote>

cyberpj (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:51 PM
New Hampshire Primary - All Diebold. All the Time. Your thoughts?

The news really isn’t that the nutroots are again blaming electoral defeat on conspiracy theories… but that they’re highlighting the fact that Democrats are out there trying to commit election fraud today. Quite the admission.

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