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At least that’s the conclusion she tried to draw when it was her opponent who wasn’t releasing his tax records during the 2000 campaign.

The campaign of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, criticized the delay, asking whether he was hiding something. The State Democratic Party even sent a young campaign worker dressed as Uncle Sam to Mr. Lazio’s campaign events, to shout at him to disclose the returns.

An interesting conclusion considering she is now the one who is failing to release 8 years of tax returns.

And even more interesting considering the last time she played the nondisclosure game, it was later revealed she was, in fact, hiding something:

We’ve seen this nondisclosure before. During the 1992 campaign, the Clintons claimed to be coming clean by releasing their tax returns from 1980 forward. But they steadfastly refused to release their returns for prior years, and only later did we learn that 1978 and 1979 were the tax years when Mrs. Clinton reported her 10,000% cattle-futures trading profit.

So, Hillary… what are you hiding?

Well, I guess now we know:

The spring before his wife began her White House campaign, former President Bill Clinton earned $700,000 for his foundation by selling stock that he had been given from an Internet search company that was co-founded by a convicted felon and backed by the Chinese government, public records show.

Mr. Clinton had gotten the nonpublicly traded stock from Accoona Corp. back in 2004 as a gift for giving a speech at a company event. He landed the windfall by selling the 200,000 shares to an undisclosed buyer in May 2006, commanding $3.50 a share at a time when the company was reporting millions of dollars of losses, according to interviews.

And I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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