Texas Rainmaker
Turn Out the Lights…
May 7th, 2008 7:02 am

The party’s over…

Count me as one of those who couldn’t decide which was better: To watch the Democrats destroy each other on a daily basis… Or to watch the Clintons finally tuck their political tail between their legs and walk out (dis)gracefully.

Now it’s time for John McCain to find himself a good CONSERVATIVE second fiddle so the base can get excited about showing up to vote in November. Just be prepared for all out racial war from here on out… not because we’re all racists, but because racist Democrats will try to paint it that way. Every ad, every speech, every comment will be taken as having some racial connotation to it. Just get ready.

Either way, today is a special day. Good riddance, Clintons.

UPDATE: Ok, so even the disconnecting of vital life support systems won’t stop her from denying her’s is a lost cause. Awesome. Keep fighting and make your exit even more embarrassing… and shred your party in the process. Gotta love the Clintons and their inability to see the world as anything but revolving around them.

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