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Here’s another example of why Democrats can’t be trusted on… well, anything.

John Kerry is on the campaign trail trying to sell the benefits of candidate Barack Obama by attacking Obama’s opponent as “dangerous“…

For his part, Kerry was deeply critical of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. “He doesn’t get it,” Kerry said. “He’s even dangerous, I think, for the direction of this country.”

What makes this statement so ridiculous is the fact that this “dangerous” guy was courted by John Kerry himself as a running mate just 4 years ago.

John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, has repeatedly and personally asked Senator John McCain, the independent-minded Arizona Republican, to consider being his running mate, but Mr. McCain has refused, people who have spoken to both men said Friday.

Mr. Kerry, the Massachusetts senator, made his first direct overtures to Mr. McCain about three weeks after locking up the Democratic nomination in March and approached him again, in person or by telephone, as many as seven times, as recently as last week, according to one person who has discussed the issue with both.

So if we’re to believe John Kerry, he’s either slandering a man he thought was qualified to lead this country not so long ago to score political points for his party in the current campaign…

…or he’s admitting that he wanted a running mate who was “dangerous” for the direction of this country.

Either way, his word appears to be about as good as a Clinton wedding vow.

(ht: jwf)

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