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The MSM and their friends in the liberal blogosphere had been circulating the Eagleton scenario in the days after John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, wondering how long it would be before Palin was dropped from the ticket.

Well, the Eagleton scenario certainly looks to be starting to play out… but not for the Republicans.

Joe Biden was either having another one of his regularly scheduled gaffe moments, or he’s laying the groundwork to be “Eagletoned” today:

“Make no mistake about this, Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Let’s get that straight,” Biden said testily when a voter told Biden he was glad the Delaware senator had been chosen and not Clinton.

“She’s a truly close personal friend and she is qualified to be President of the United States of America, she’s easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America and quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me,” he continued.

I mean that sincerely, she’s first rate.”

As Ace correctly points out, “Barack Obama’s judgment was that Joe Biden was the best possible vice presidential candidate. Joe Biden says he’s wrong. This was Obama’s first major decision as a would-be president. He got it wrong.”

Could they be setting the stage for Biden to “spend more time with his family” or “suffer a non-specific health issue” in order to replace him on the ticket with Hillary? Desperate times call for desperate measures. At this point, though, I wonder how much help it would be. Sure, they’d rally some disgruntled Democrats back into their court, but given the afterthought nature this would be, they likely wouldn’t recover all the lost votes. What about the PUMAs? Would they gladly come back to support the Democrat ticket, or have they been sufficiently scorned and would they see this for the obvious last-ditch pandering effort it would be?

Then there’s the other issue… if you thought Sarah Palin rallied the Republican base, just watch what happens if Hillary finds her way into the mix.

So what’s the over/under on Biden’s remaining time on the ticket?

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