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In light of the current Democrat-endorsed election fraud scandals brewing, I thought it was the right time to repost my experience as a member of the 72 Hour Legal Task Force during the 2004 election, where I witnessed, firsthand, Democrats’ efforts to steal an election.

I take special pride in this week’s election results because I was a foot soldier in enemy territory for the battle. Along with several hundred very anxious and very capable attorneys, I went into Northeast Philadelphia as a “Lawyer For Bush”. For those of you who don’t know what that means, imagine yourself strapping on 50 pounds of red meat and jumping into shark-infested waters… or worse, imagine covering yourself in twinkies and cookie dough and entering Michael Moore’s house.

I spent the final 72 hours of the 2004 campaign season in Philadelphia. Pushing my way through Kerry supporters in front of our Headquarters in downtown Philly, I was amazed at the animosity in their voices. Walking anywhere downtown, one would see gatherings of 10 - 20 Kerry supporters at many intersections holding up signs and cars honking their praise. I certainly felt like I was behind enemy lines. Being bombarded with this every waking minute was enough to make me really question whether I was on the winning team. Not that I would’ve changed sides for anything, I did feel a sense of envy with those Democrats who seemed to have all the momentum in the world. My optimism only grew weaker on election day as I took on the task I had traveled across the country to perform.

Our task was to monitor a certain set of precincts around Philadelphia to insure a fair election process. From what I had been told going in, Philadelphia was a bastion of voting fraud. The Democrat infrastructure I personally witnessed left me feeling less than confident in our electoral process.

Each side is allowed to have “Poll Watchers” inside the polling place to monitor the situation. Unfortunately, it seems Philadelphia was about 99.9% Democrat, so the RNC folks apparently dragged dollar bills through the streets to hire poll watchers. Needless to say, this didn’t seem to help our cause much.

Some of our poll watchers showed up late or generally just “didn’t get it”. They were there for the money and that was it. A few poll watchers were on the ball, and happened to catch the opening of the voting machines that magically already had votes for Kerry on them. Given that our poll watchers were probably only able to see about 10% of all machines before the polls opened, I can only imagine how many “Kerry votes” were present across the city and states before the polls even opened on Tuesday.

Apart from generally monitoring the process and preventing major issues, the Poll Watchers had a primary job. Here’s where the fun began.

There were roughly 100,000 new voter registrations in Philadelphia alone. When the RNC received the list of new registrants, they promptly sent out brochures, welcoming them to the process and promoting Republican candidates. Soon, some of those brochures began coming back with notations like “deceased” or “vacant lot” or “abandoned warehouse” on them. In all, returned mailings totaled around 10,000. That’s 10,000 registrations that appeared to be fraudulent.

We compiled a list of those questionable registrations and gave them to our Poll Watchers. Their duty was to watch for folks trying to vote using those registrations and challenge the voter to provide ID and otherwise verify they were legitimate.

It wasn’t long before I had my first encounter with a “Kerry lawyer” (as he called himself). I noticed him walking in and out of the polling place all morning (a criminal offense to do so without proper certification). He approached one of my Poll Watchers and took the list out of his hand and then returned outside. He then declared, as if he was making a proclamation before the United Nations, that me and my “Republican thugs” were using this list to “intimidate black voters” and “suppress the minority vote”.

He obviously did not want us using the list, because it would expose the fraudulent registrations they were banking on for votes.

Now keep in mind, other than the “Kerry lawyer”, I was the only other white guy standing around this polling place on election day. Throughout the day there was, on average, 50 - 100 people just hanging around this location (it was a youth gym that seemed to be a popular hangout). As he would proclaim my attempts at disenfranchisement, it would stir up the crowd and I would hear the anger boiling inside them.

Then his assistant whipped out a video camera and shoved it in my face. (I’m guessing Democrat lawyers are in some cave somewhere analyzing the video today trying to figure out how they can allege something against me to somehow make up for a resounding defeat of their candidate - good luck, guys) This guy stood in front of the polling place videotaping for 10 minutes. This is a tactic the Democrats allege Republicans do to intimidate voters. Of course, it came as no surprise to me that a Democrat would do the very act he accused Republicans of.

The Federal Elections Commission “dark suits” swooped in to settle some issues, the District Attorney’s office sent staff, the Philadelphia police department got involved on a half dozen occasions and at the end of the night I took down the final vote tallies: Kerry - 1,131 Bush - 3

This was only one of my precincts. In another precinct, I personally witnessed the Democrat Election Judge allowing voters to cast provisional ballots and then walking over to the voting machine to cast real ballots. This would allow that voter’s vote to be counted twice if the outcome required the counting of the provisional ballots.

When I returned to this polling place, I noticed my Poll Watcher standing outside handing out DEMOCRAT brochures. I asked her why she was doing that and she said the Election Judge (Democrat) had ordered her to do it. Unbelievable

I did feel a sense of defeat at the end of the night, having spent the day in “democrat country” fighting to keep the election process fair and honest. Seeing the results posted on the door, I wondered quietly, “how can Bush pull this thing off?”

We headed over to Arlen Specter’s party and awaited the results. By the time we arrived, many east coast states had already been called and there seemed to be no big surprises. But there was a glimmer of hope… the popular vote was showing Bush with a decent lead. Then Florida starting showing signs of red. Suddenly the fatigue began wearing off and was being replaced with total and complete joy. Could this work have paid off? Could we really be on the winning side? It was interesting to see older women in formal dresses screaming at the top of their lungs “come on Wolf, would you f–king call Florida already!!!??!!?” The tide was shifting.

Now we all know the results. And while we weren’t able to deliver Pennsylvania, one thing I keep hearing from folks I served with is this: We kept Pennsylvania close requiring the Democrats to expend resources therein… resources that may have otherwise gone to Ohio and changed the overall results.

I’m glad I was there to see it from the inside. I’m happy our side was vindicated against all the vitriol, false accusations, fraud and hate. The sun sure seems to be shining brighter today.

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