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Listen to this audio of Barack Obama from 1995. As you listen to it, notice several things:

1. How similar it sounds to Jeremiah Wright’s ranting sermons about racism in America, comparing it to genocide in Africa and Bosnia

2. That his “spread the wealth” policy goes back a decade…

3. That his “spread the wealth” policy seems to be a vehicle for taking from whites and redistributing to blacks (or as he says, in a politically correct tone, “inner city kids”)

(h/t: staclu)

Notice the pattern yet? Are you seeing the whole picture being painted of this racist, socialist, radical, inexperienced empty suit? Are you finally understanding how he’s going to use his power in the White House, combined with a majority (potentially filibuster-proof) in Congress to institute the apparatus of socialism in order to redistribute wealth from producers (of all races, though he’ll demagogue it as “rich, white folks”) to the non-producers? Get the feeling he’s going to use the power of the government to get some “payback” for anyone who feels they’ve been oppressed or suppressed?

The reason all of his past associations matter (aside from the fact that his lying about them all goes to his lack of character and integrity) is that these radicals that he’s associated with throughout his life and limited career have shaped who he is and how he thinks… and by extension, how he’ll govern.

Convicted felon Tony Rezko - cheat America. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers - bomb America. Race-baiting Reverend Jeremiah Wright - “God damn” America. PLO-sympathizer Rashid Khalidi - death to America. All packaged neatly into one polished, “clean and articulate” political candidate.

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