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Democrats, salivating over the prospect of having complete, unchecked control in Washington are starting to reveal the plans they have in store for America… and it doesn’t look good.

First, John Kerry wants a “New Deal 2“. While Republicans are pressing to give money back to those who earned it, Democrats are looking to take your money (confiscated throught taxes) and go on a wild spending spree of new social programs and government handouts. Just wait until they decide that $250k isn’t the line measuring who is “rich” but rather that the line should be drawn somewhere around $100k… or maybe $50k… it’s what they’ll have to do in order to pay for their cradle-to-grave government policies.

Then there’s Barney Frank, one of the perpetrators of the financial meltdown, who is saying that the unprecedented $700 billion bailout package was just the tip of the Democrat iceberg that they plan to ram into the bow of the American economy. He supports Obama’s plan to spread your wealth to others. And he says that if Republicans in the House don’t get on board in the next few months, they’ll just wait ‘em out and launch an even bigger spending spree on the American public when they take full control of the government in January.

Oh, and while the Democrats are proposing to increase the size of the nanny state, they’re proposing to slash the military.

So I guess when the generated international crisis shows up to test the mettle of the inexperienced Barack Obama, we better hope it has to do with social security and not homeland security.

We can protect against this idiocy by electing Republicans up and down the ticket in every state. Democrats will still most likely maintain both houses of Congress, but if they take enough seats in the Senate and Obama takes the White House, there will be zero check on their power. Every idiotic, socialistic, spread-the-wealth, anti-military, tree-hugging policy will become law. And Barack Obama would also have a rubber stamp for any lifetime Supreme Court nominations he chooses.

At the same time Democrats are admitting that the government can’t do anything right, they plan to give it more power, more control, more of your hard-earned money to blow.

At a time when the Congressional approval rating is at a historic low, they’re asking you to give them the ability to implement more of their bad policies unilaterally.

Think about it.

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