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Behind Enemy Lines, Part 2
November 4th, 2008 3:00 am

Welcome to Election Day, 2008. Just like in 2004 (when I was deployed to Philadelphia), I am volunteering as part of the Election Day Attorney Deployment Team. I will be spending election day in Lake County, Indiana, a hotbed of ACORN activity.

Pray for those of us serving “behind enemy lines” today to insure a fair election. We know what we’re dealing with, we understand our opposition and we don’t underestimate what they’re capable of. After serving today, I will be spending the night in Chicago, which I imagine will be an interesting place to be tonight, no matter the outcome.

And if you haven’t already done so… GET OUT AND VOTE!

UPDATE: To give you a taste of the environment I was working in today, here are the final vote tallies in just 4 of the 12 precincts:

Obama - 796
McCain - 8

In 2 other precincts the number of registered voters was 1,256 and the total number listed as Republican… 6.

Turnout appears to have been huge. Assuming Obama wins, it will all come down to the turnout. In East Chicago, IN, turnout wasn’t as high, ranging from 37% to 50%. But in Gary, IN and Hammond, IN, turnout ranged from 61% to 79%.

The amazing thing I noticed was that despite the high turnout, there weren’t really many long lines. Many people showed up before polls opened, so we didn’t see a lot of lines at the end of the day.

At the time of this writing, Obama seems to have locked it all up. The good news is that with Democrats in complete control of Washington, it will become evident, even to the idiots that voted for the socialist with no experience, just who’s responsible for screwing up this country. Let’s just hope we all survive the lesson.

UPDATE 2: Looks like I missed out on the fun not returning to Philadelphia this year. Typical radicals that support Dear Leader. I wonder if he’ll offer them positions in his cabinet… maybe a co-chair with Billy Ayers or brother Jeremiah.

Actually, I think President Hussein has already outlined a position for these illiterate, unemployed, racist jackasses in the new Amerika.

UPDATE 3: Barack Hussein Obama has been officially elected. Finally, racism is dead. Someone please let Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton know they’re no longer needed or relevant.

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