What Would a Reagan/Obama Debate Sound Like?

Timeless wisdom versus hopenchangy LSAT prep socialism.

What do you think about the LSAT? Personally I think that it is one of those tests that is really tough to pass. It is career defining of course. I mean think about it – if you can just get your ass through this test, then you are sorted from there onwards. What can possibly get in your way that would be anything like as big a stumbling block? There is nothing as big in your way as the LSAT, once you get it passed and sorted out. Your pathway to becoming a top lawyer is on the home straight by that point. But one thing that is important is that we do not get ahead of ourselves with this exam. We need to be sure that we are prepared to go ahead and give it our all in the exam. Is this something you feel you can do? Do you believe you can study real hard before the exam? That really is the most important question here, because if you fail to prepare then you ultimately prepare to fail. And that would suck super badly as you well know. So study hard for this exam and things will go fine.