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CNN reporter Susan Roesgen displays downright indignation toward a protestor yesterday who was carrying a sign depicting Barack Obama looking like Hitler.

Roesgen: (pointing to a sign with Obama compare to Hitler) What is this supposed to mean? What do you mean by that?

Protestor: Well, I mean… He’s a fascist. The pirates…

Roesgen: Wait. Why do you say he’s a fascist? He’s the President of the United States.

Protestor: He’s a fascist.

Roesgen: Do you realize how offensive that is?

Protestor: I think he’s a fascist.

Roesgen: Why be so hard on the President of the United States, though, with such an offensive message?

Her indignation might carry some weight if it were true that she took offense to comparing “the President of the United States” to Hitler… but alas, this outrage apparently only applies to one type of President… the one with the (D) next to his name.

Flashback to 2006 and the same Susan Roesgen reacting to a protestor wearing a George W. Bush mask made to look like Hitler (and Satan):

Roesgen: “City officials aren’t the only ones wondering when federal money will materialize. Catholic school girls marched on Jackson Square. They and their teachers say more money is needed to fix the levees, and they hoped the President would stop by after his meeting with business leaders. But while a look-alike showed up with a wad of cash, Mr. Bush did not.”

Really? A look-alike? Color me confused, but I don’t remember Bush having devil horns or a Hitler mustache. Apparently adding the horns to the depiction of the U.S. President as Hitler is enough to overcome the “offensiveness” of the gesture.

What media bias?

UPDATE: Protestors respond to Roesgen with some schooling.

UPDATE 2: More from the Roesgen Hearts Obama vault:

Along with all the sexual innuendo from Olbermann, Cooper, et al., it’s clear these liberal spokesmen have decided to toss journalistic ethics aside in favor of biased, blatant partisanship. Probably explains why they’re getting their asses handed to them in the ratings every night.

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