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The Democrat-led Congress passed the massive $787 billion “stimulus” bill without a single member actually reading its contents.

And Joe Biden would like you to know the bill is designed with “inevitable wasteful spending“.

Democrat Henry Waxman admits he doesn’t even know what’s in the radical Cap and Trade bill he sponsored.

Henry Reid assures us that there is nobody more qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice than Sonia Sotomayor while simultaneously admitting that he’s never read a single judicial opinion that she’s written.

If they can’t be bothered to know what’s in the legislation they’re introducing or to review the legislation they’re voting for or they’re too lazy to examine the qualifications of judge they’re confirming, one has to wonder what value they provide to the American people at all. We could quickly save $90 million a year by sending every member of Congress to the unemployment line and apparently we wouldn’t actually be reducing the amount of time spent reviewing legislation or vetting supreme court justices.

And in case laziness in the introduction and passage of laws or willing ignorance in the vetting of cabinet members or supreme court justices isn’t enough incompetence, the Obama administration would like to introduce you to the art of accidentally posting sensitive lists of list of U.S. government and civilian nuclear facilities and their activities.

Are they completely incompetent or just plain lazy? Or both…

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