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The chutzpah is unbelievable on the Left. They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore.

ABC and NBC are refusing to air an ad by the League of American Voters featuring a neurosurgeon who is critical of the Obamacare fiasco. And the best part of the story? The networks’ reasoning behind the decision…

“The ABC Television Network has a long-standing policy that we do not sell time for advertising that presents a partisan position on a controversial public issue,” spokeswoman Susan Sewell said in a written statement. “Just to be clear, this is a policy for the entire network, not just ABC News.”

I think I’ve heard that excuse before. Oh yeah, back in June when ABC rejected another ad that offered a free-market alternative to President Obama’s $1 trillion plus health care reform plan submitted by a group called Conservatives for Patients Rights…

“The ABC Television network has a long-standing policy that we do not accept advocacy advertising. It’s just something that has been in place forever,” Emily Lenzner, spokesperson for ABC News.

CPR, incidentally, had requested that ad be aired during a little 2-hour ABC primetime special promoting Obama’s healthcare plan.

President Obama’s health care push will continue next week with a primetime event at the White House, with ABC’s Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer set to moderate a nationally televised event called “Questions for the President: Prescription for America.”

The special edition of “Primetime” will air from the White House on Wednesday, June 24, at 10 pm ET. “Good Morning America,” “World News,” “Nightline,” and ABCNews.com’s “Top Line” will all feature special programming on the president’s health care agenda.

Apparently “advertising” means “doesn’t support our liberal agenda”…

What bias?

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