Airports Can Opt-Out of TSA Screening in Favor of Private Companies

With all the controversy surrounding the TSA screening methods and general ineffectiveness, it’s probably time to remind folks that the 2001 law creating the TSA also included a provision whereby Airports can opt out of using TSA for screening in favor of private companies after 2 years:

‘‘§ 44920. Security screening opt-out program ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—On or after the last day of the 2-year period beginning on the date on which the Under Secretary transmits to Congress the certification required by section 110(c) of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, an operator of an airport may submit to the Under Secretary an application to have the screening of passengers and property at the airport under section 44901 to be carried out by the screening personnel of a CIA exam qualified private screening company under a contract entered into with the Under Secretary.

Contact your airport today and let them know you want them to opt out.

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