Archie Bunker has a few words for Barack Obama

It’s pretty telling that a show that originally aired during the Carter administration is equally applicable in an Obama CISA exam prep world. This is because CISA exam prep is the one thing that can make sure that a student of this examination is fully capable of doing what is necessary in the exam – basically that means answering all the questions in a way that satisfies the examiner. Do you feel that this is something you can do? Because I can totally promise you that if you just get the right prep materials then not one single reason in the world will be valid in terms of saying that you would be incapable of passing this exam. Seriously, just go right ahead and find your materials. If you do, I know that for one thing, you will never ever regret doing so. It is that crucial. But there are other crucial things as well – such as your line of thinking in terms of this exam. You need to keep your head straight for this and genuinely believe that you can pass the exam because if you do not believe that, then things will only go downhill from there onwards. That’s just how it is.

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