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You read that right… the guy who made his entire political fortune on being the most vocal opponent of the Iraq War is now confirming it will send military support to Syria in the midst of a civil war.

White House officials confirmed Thursday that the administration would send weapons and other aid to rebel Syrian forces after determining that leader Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against the opposition.

So let me get this straight… according to Obama, President Bush illegally sent troops to Iraq based on evidence (at the time) that it possessed a chemical weapons program (and was proven to have used chemical weapons in the past) after Bush obtained authorization from Congress, per the Constitution. But it’s okay for Obama to send our military and weapons to support a bunch of street rebels engaged in a civil war that has no bearing on our national interests?

To make matters worse, those Syrian Rebels that the Obama administration is pledging to arm… have pledged loyalty to Al-Qaida.

For those keeping score at home… according to Barack Obama, it’s illegal to follow the Constitutional protocol and secure Congressional authorization to send military into a country threatening American and ally interests and who have been tied to al-Qaida… but it’s perfectly acceptable to send military support to a country engaged in a civil war to help folks who have pledged loyalty to al-Qaida.

Got it. Hope and change!

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