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Okay, We Get It… Democrats Cheat.
January 20th, 2008 11:40 pm

Obama’s campaign accuses the Clintons of widespread dirty politics.

The Clintons claim election shenanigans by Obama supporters.

And still no such claims on the Republican side.

As Bryan points out:

That the Democrats keep engaging in these low games may the most obvious case of long-term mass psychological projection this country has ever seen.


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So sayeth the nutroots… (hat tip: Cadillac Tight)

Atman (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:30 PM

So let me get this straight…Obama’s been winning all day up until the polls close
Then suddenly the race switches and it becomes “too close to call.” Just like certain other major elections of recent years.

Hmmm. Call me Mr. Cynical…but something stinks.

Cheney Killed Bambi (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:29 PM
Does NH use Deibold???????
What the H-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on??? How could Hillary be leading after being so far down in all the polls????

antiimperialist (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:18 PM
Nobody is mentioning the fact that NH voting machines are easy to hack
Edited on Tue Jan-08-08 08:20 PM by antiimperialist
There is no evidence that anyone did this, but the possibility is there.
A post here in DU informed that Black Box Voting’s hacker Harri Hursti was able to hack the Diebold optical scanners in NH this week.
With no polls predicting Clinton’s win, could we speculate that she stole the elections?/blockquote>

cyberpj (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-08-08 08:51 PM
New Hampshire Primary - All Diebold. All the Time. Your thoughts?

The news really isn’t that the nutroots are again blaming electoral defeat on conspiracy theories… but that they’re highlighting the fact that Democrats are out there trying to commit election fraud today. Quite the admission.

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Fraud O’ the Irish
November 18th, 2007 3:17 pm

Another day, another Clinton campaign election law violation:

Guess who is coming to dinner in Dublin?

None other than former US president Bill Clinton, who is mingling with a host of Ireland’s elite at a fundraising bash on Saturday night.

The 1,600 euro (£1,145) a head dinner is in aid of his wife Hillary’s presidential campaign fund - and the places have been much coveted.
The paper said that some Irish people who were so desperate to attend the fundraiser have been seeking out US citizens through whom they can channel the $2,300 (1,600 euro) admission charge.

Federal election laws clearly state that not only is it illegal for these Irish people to be contributing (directly or indirectly) to the Clinton campaign…

The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.

…but it’s also illegal for the Clinton campaign to be soliciting such contributions as well:

It is also unlawful to help foreign nationals violate that ban or to solicit, receive or accept contributions or donations from them.

The potential punishment?

Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

But then again, these are Clintons we’re talking about. They can violate every law known to mankind and they’ll serve less time than Paris Hilton.

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The Norman Hsu fundraising scandal was nothing compared to this…

The scandal has been ongoing for 8 years… but don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it, the MSM and the Clintons have done a good job keeping it out of the public spotlight.

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Remember this next time you hear liberals oppose the idea of making voters show ID to vote:

King County prosecutors filed felony charges Thursday against seven people in what a top official described as the worst case of voter-registration fraud in state history, while the organization they worked for agreed to keep a better eye on its employees and pay $25,000 to defray costs of the investigation.

The seven submitted about 1,800 registration cards last fall on behalf of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, which had hired them at $8 an hour to sign people up to vote, according to charging documents filed in Superior Court.
Election officials feared that tossing all of the registrations could inadvertently disenfranchise any potentially legitimate voters in the batch. So they allowed the names to appear on the rolls for subsequent elections, including an advisory vote on replacing Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct in March.

But they flagged those names and tried to verify them using other state databases. Only six turned out to be legitimate voters, Satterberg said. The King County canvassing board agreed to remove many of the rest - 1,762 - from the rolls Thursday, satisfied they were fraudulent

Six out of 1,800 were legitimate voters. In a state where, in 2004, the Democrat governor won, after 3 questionable recounts, by a margin of only 129 votes.

Of course, ACORN is claiming to be a victim. I guess they were a victim in Missouri, too. And Ohio. And Pennsylvania. And Florida. And Colorado.

Once again, it’s clear why they oppose measures aimed at making voters prove their identity.

ACORN claims to be a nonpartisan community organizing group. But in reality:

Acorn is a union-backed, multimillion-dollar outfit that uses intimidation and other tactics to push for higher minimum wage mandates and to trash Wal-Mart and other non-union companies.

Operating in at least 38 states (as well as Canada and Mexico), Acorn pushes a highly partisan agenda, and its organizers are best understood as shock troops for the AFL-CIO and even the Democratic Party. As part of the Fannie Mae reform bill, House Democrats pushed an “affordable housing trust fund” designed to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profits to subsidize Acorn, among other groups.

Michelle reminds us just how “nonpartisan” ACORN is:

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It’s nice to finally see a court ruling in favor of common sense measures aimed at reducing election fraud.

Michigan voters will be asked to present photo identification at the polling place, after a divided Michigan Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that such a requirement is constitutional.

Of course, the usual suspects are frowning on the decision. The reason is obvious.

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From KMBC:

Four people have been indicted on charges of voter fraud in Kansas City, officials said Wednesday.

Investigators said questionable registration forms for new voters were collected by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a group that works to improve minority and low-income communities.

The four indicted — Kwaim A. Stenson, Dale D. Franklin, Stephanie L. Davis and Brian Gardner — were employed by ACORN as registration recruiters. They were each charged with two counts.

Federal indictments allege the four turned in false voter registration applications. Prosecutors said the indictments are part of a national investigation.

This is the same organization that worked with Moveon.org, and other leftwing groups, in the 2004 election to defraud the system.

And this comes on the heels of the Missouri Supreme Court striking down a law that would require voters to show identification when they tried to vote. This case is the very reason why such a law should be in place. In that case, the lawyer that successfully challenged the Voter ID law said:

Downing said the new law fell short, in part, because Missouri has experienced no voter impersonation fraud - someone showing up at the polls and claiming to be someone else - in the past several years. “They’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said.

I think these indictments prove the problem exists and the larger investigation shows the court that the state does have a compelling interest in requiring identification to preserve the integrity of the electoral system.

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From the Arizona Republic:

Arizona voters will have to present identification at the polls on Nov. 7 after all.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that Arizona can go ahead with requiring voters to present a photo ID, starting with next month’s general election, as part of the Proposition 200 that voters passed in 2004. The ruling overturns an Oct. 5 decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which put the voter ID rules on hold this election cycle.

Of course, this was simply a procedural ruling, not a ruling on the merits of the constitutionality, but it’s a start.

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The Show Me (voter fraud) State
October 18th, 2006 2:10 pm

On Monday, Missouri’s Supreme Court struck down a law that would require voters to show identification before casting a ballot.

Of course, Democrats trotted out the same old tired line that “the law would particularly burden disabled, elderly and female voters”. Harmful to female voters? Do Democrats really think females are that inept that they can’t figure out how to get an ID on their own? Doesn’t this irritate rational women? Where are the feminists on this one?

Democrats also claim that requiring all voters prove they’re legally eligible to vote amounts to a poll tax, also. But the state of Missouri provided nondrivers IDs for free.

The lawyer who brought this latest case claims the law isn’t needed simply because nobody has tried to commit fraud.

Don Downing, the lawyer who successfully challenged the law, cautioned that before any new ID regulations pass muster, the Legislature would have to prove that it is addressing a compelling state interest.

Downing said the new law fell short, in part, because Missouri has experienced no voter impersonation fraud - someone showing up at the polls and claiming to be someone else - in the past several years. “They’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said.

Nope… no voter fraud possible in Missouri.

St. Louis ACORN workers, who have still not been paid by the way, reveal that all of the people who were being trained at ACORN headquarters (many at the same time) were told to go out and canvas for “(Democrat) Victory 2006″ and Claire McCaskill!

It was almost exactly at this point before the 2004 elections that ACORN was caught defrauding the voter registration rolls before. It’s nothing new to the group.

And now that they’ve opened a Missouri branch…

Republicans who criticized the ruling pointed to problems with voter registration cards in St. Louis as proof that the law is needed. Officials are investigating at least 1,492 new voter registrations, including three in the names of dead people and one in the name of a 16-year-old.

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Democrats Still Oppose Common Sense
September 20th, 2006 10:46 pm

Back in July, I wrote about how the Democrats were applauding a Georgia court ruling striking down a common sense law aimed at preventing election fraud.

Now the House has stepped in (it’s about time!) and voted on a measure that would require voters to show proof of citizenship (The vote was 228 - 196).

The House voted Wednesday to require Americans to show proof of citizenship in order to vote…

Republican sponsors of the voter identification bill said it was a commonsense way to stop fraud at the polls. People need photo IDs to board planes, buy alcohol or cash checks, said Rep. Vernon Ehlers, R-Mich., chairman of the House Administration Committee. “This is not a new concept.”

“This is what Americans want,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., “They want safe borders and they want safe ballots.”

And right on cue, Democrats are making absurd allegations that this measure is aimed at disenfranchising minorities, the elderly and the poor.

But Democrats assailed the legislation, saying it could hurt minorities, the poor and the elderly — groups that tend to vote Democratic — who might have trouble producing a photo identification.

“This bill is tantamount to a 21st century poll tax,” said Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md. “It will disenfranchise large number of legal voters.”

But this argument holds no water, just like it didn’t in the Georgia case because…

…the bill stipulates that states must provide the identification cards free of charge to those who can’t afford them.

So explain to me how this amounts to a poll tax?

It doesn’t. The democrats are just lying about it because they know if it’s enacted it will reduce their ability to commit voter fraud.

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