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Milwaukee Board of Supervisors were wasting taxpayer dollars today debating on whether to boycott Phoenix, Arizona because of the state’s new immigration law. And in the midst of the debate, Democrat County Supervisor (an elected position, mind you) Peggy West, made a complete jackass out of herself by stating that Arizona was “a state that is a ways removed from the border”.


“If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding their borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border, and um… it doesn’t make sense to me…”

It’s bad enough the average Democrat voter doesn’t have the intellect God gave a tomato… but this is someone who actually ran a campaign and got elected… without so much as a basic first-grade understanding of U.S. geography.

God help us.

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Looking for anything positive I can anticipate from life in the Obamanation.

It appears that with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrats have done what George Bush and the Republicans couldn’t do… solved the immigration issue.

Life under Obama/Pelosi/Reid control looks so undesirable that not only will illegal immigrants stop coming to the U.S., but those already here may finally return home seeking opportunity and freedom from government oppression.

Viva LoBama.

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It’s nice to see justice served.

A Harris County grand jury decided today that Joe Horn should not be charged with a crime for shooting two burglary suspects he confronted outside his neighbor’s home in Pasadena last fall.

Horn called authorities after hearing breaking glass and seeing two men climb through a window into his next-door neighbor’s home in the 7400 block of Timberline.

The 911 operator urged Horn to remain inside, but he went outside with his 12-gauge shotgun and came face-to-face with Diego Ortiz, 30, and Hernando Riascos Torres, 38.

According to a transcript of Horn’s 911 call, which he made about 2 p.m., the operator repeatedly urged Horn to stay in his house, but Horn said he did not believe it would be right to let the burglars get away.

We need more neighbors like Joe Horn.

The two dead criminals were illegal immigrants from Colombia. One had been sent to prison for dealing cocaine and was deported in 1999. Maybe we should’ve just offered him a path to citizenship.

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The Immigration Quagmire
December 4th, 2007 7:38 am


Growing numbers of immigrants — legal and illegal — are changing the composition of affluent suburban towns across the country, impacting independent and Democratic-leaning voters, who are concerned that schools are overcrowded, health care systems are strained and crime is on the rise.

Forty percent of respondents to a newly conducted, Democrat-sponsored Democracy Corps poll said the main reason the country is going in the wrong direction is that “our borders have been left unprotected and illegal immigration is growing.” Immigration was easily voters’ top priority, beating out concerns over the Iraq war, health care and the economy.

Can’t be good news for Democrats. This also explains why Bush’s numbers are so low given his weak stance on immigration. It’s not all about liberals’ opposition to the war in Iraq (which is suddenly not front page news anymore now that the news is good).

So why are Democrats feeling a pinch on the issue now?

And most Hispanic voters, one of the fastest-growing voting blocs, are strongly opposed to greater enforcement of illegal immigration.

But blue-collar workers, union members and African-Americans — all key parts of the Democratic coalition — have traditionally been more hostile to unfettered immigration, given that greater (and cheaper) job competition leads to depressed wages and a tighter job market.

This, in addition to trying to balance between pro-war and anti-war factions in their own camps. Hmm, Democrats in a quagmire on how to pander to competing groups of victims… That sounds familiar.

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The director of the national automobile association declared, “When it comes to foreigners, we’re a little more strict here.” A manager of a driver’s license office said, “Our constitution has certain restrictions for foreigners.”

Think they’ll get called “bigots” for their tough stance against illegal aliens? Of course not… because they’re in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY - The question of whether to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants ignited a national debate in the United States. But in Mexico, the largest source of U.S. immigrants, there’s no question: Here, you must be a legal resident to get a driver’s license.

All of Mexico’s 31 states, along with Mexico City, require foreigners to present a valid visa if they want a driver’s license, according to a survey of states by The Arizona Republic.

Mexico, the country that accounts for more than half of the illegal aliens that cross into the U.S. requires a valid visa before issuing a driver’s license.

And what does Mexico think of the U.S. trying to employ the same policy?

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretariat declined to comment on the controversy this week, but the Mexican government has fought U.S. restrictions on licenses in the past.

In 2004, the former Mexican consul in New York, Arturo Sarukhan, called such rules “a policy without a purpose” during a hearing in the New York State Assembly.

Yet, licensing offices in all of Mexico’s 31 states, along with the Federal District, where Mexico City is located, said they require applicants to prove their citizenship.

Viva la hipocresía.

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I can almost imagine him giving her his patented lip-bite and telling her, “Darlin’, I feel your pain.” He’s trying to defend his little woman from vicious attacks of the evil right wing smear machine (even though Democrats levied much criticism as well):

Former President Clinton on Monday compared Republican criticism of his wife’s position on driver’s license for illegal immigrants to the ads that helped sink John Kerry’s White House hopes in 2004.

I had the feeling that at the end of that last debate we were about to get into cutesy land again,” Clinton told some 3,000 members of the American Postal Worker’s Union at a convention.

At the end of a televised Democratic presidential debate last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton hedged on whether she supported a plan by her home state governor, New York’s Eliot Spitzer, to issue licenses to illegal immigrants.

So what is Bubba calling “cutesy“?

Russert: Senator Clinton, I just want to make sure of what I heard. Do you, the New York senator, Hillary Clinton, support the New York governor’s plan to give illegal immigrants a driver’s license?

You told the New Hampshire paper that it made a lot of sense. Do you support his plan?

A simple yes or no. Do you support it or not? We all know how much Clintons hate being asked to take a definitive position on anything… and how dare anyone try to make them.

So Hillary did what the Clintons do best… Attack the question, then refuse to answer it… oh, and blame Bush for good measure.

Clinton: You know, Tim, this is where everybody plays “gotcha.” It makes a lot of sense. What is the governor supposed to do? He is dealing with a serious problems. We have failed. And George Bush has failed. Do I think this is the best thing for any governor to do? No. But do I understand the sense of real desperation, trying to get a handle on this? Remember, in New York, we want to know who’s in New York. We want people to come out of the shadows.

He’s making an honest effort to do it. We should have passed immigration reform.

For what it’s worth, Bubba, it’s not just the evil vast right wing conspiracy mocking your bride for her triangulation and hedging…

Williams: Senator Obama, why are you nodding your head?

Obama: Well, I was confused on Senator Clinton’s answer. I can’t tell whether she was for it or against it. And I do think that is important. One of the things that we have to do in this country is to be honest about the challenges that we face…

Russert: Are you for it or against it?

Obama: I think that it is the right idea, and I disagree with Chris because there is a public safety concern…

As Bryan says:

Vote for Hillary Clinton and you get all the Clinton corruption and doubletalk without any of the greasy charm that at least made him entertaining. She’s so bad at that part of the job that Bill Clinton keeps having to do it for her.

And the more he has to do it, the worse she appears. Maybe it’s time she worked on a patented lip-bite of her own.

Republicans Democrats continue to advance the vast right wing conspiracy criticize the Clinton triangulation strategy.

Obama said Hillary Clinton contradicted herself at the end of a Democratic presidential debate last week when asked whether she supported a plan by the New York governor to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. This week, the Illinois senator and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina have repeatedly reproached her on that subject.

“How you would then draw an analogy to distorting somebody’s military record is a reach,” Obama said.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, another candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, called the Clintons’ response to the debate “outrageous.”

“To have the former president come out and suggest this is a form of swift boating … is way over the top in my view,” Dodd said in a telephone interview.

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The Job Americans Won’t Do…
October 25th, 2007 9:12 am

Here’s more “value to our economy” from our lovely friends, the illegal aliens:

Six undocumented Mexican immigrants were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol agents at Qualcomm Stadium, after a report that they were stealing food and water meant for evacuees, according to spokesman Damon Foreman.

San Diego police responded to a call about alleged theft from the evacuation center and encountered six people in a van who didn’t speak English and didn’t have California driver’s licenses, Foreman said. The police officers called the Border Patrol, who arrived at the stadium and made the arrests, he said. Foreman said the immigrants admitted they were Mexican citizens and that they were stealing.

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Bienvenido a Canada, eh…
September 21st, 2007 2:44 am

Looks like Canada is beginning to enjoy the exciting new world of undocumentation.

Over the past three weeks, 45 families and 31 individuals — approximately 200 people — entered Canada at the Detroit River crossings and applied in Windsor for shelter and social assistance after filing refugee claims with the Canada Border Services Agency. Municipal agencies dealing with the sudden influx of mainly Mexican refugee applicants are renting out hotel rooms and bracing for predicted thousands more to come.

Maybe they’re enticed by the “free” healthcare system. Surely a wonderful model of socialized medicine can handle the new “undocumented workers”.

“When there is a possibility of adding thousands to the local social assistance system as a result of refugee claimants crossing the border into Windsor, we will become overwhelmed and our current resources will not suffice,” Francis wrote in a letter sent Wednesday to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

We don’t have the means, ability or capacity to deal with this additional cost. We are not able to deal with this potential crisis locally,” Francis wrote Harper.

Don’t think of it in terms of the cost to your society, think of it as a boost to your economy.

“This is a problem the U.S. has allowed to create. It’s really unfair for Canada to have to face this,” said MP Joe Comartin (NDP — Windsor-Tecumseh), his Party’s public safety and national security critic.

Hey, they’re just coming to do the jobs Canadians won’t do.

I guess you just thought this was going to be a U.S. problem since it’s our border that’s shared with Mexico. Well, guess what. We don’t really have a visible border with Mexico anymore, so when Mexicans look North for work, the first border they see now is yours.


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Two Policies Collide…
August 28th, 2007 8:58 am

While Democrats complain that many Americans aren’t getting the healthcare they need…

…Doctors are being fired for addressing at least one major issue affecting the state of our healthcare system.

Dr. Gene Rogers had a pretty good idea of what was coming when he saw his supervisor and a county security officer arrive at his office door. His supervisor was holding paperwork; the security guard was holding an empty box.

Dr. Gene Rogers knew what they had come to do, and why they were doing it. As the medical director for Sacramento County’s Indigent Services program for the better part of the past decade, Dr. Rogers has waged a long fight against the central California county’s practice of providing non-emergency medical care to illegal immigrants — a policy he says violates federal law and results in the poorest American citizens being denied the care they deserve.

That fight cost Dr. Rogers his job. In a two-sentence memo to Dr. Rogers, the county’s Health and Human Services director, Lynn Frank, informed him that he was fired, but thanked him for his services. No reason for his termination was offered, but then he didn’t really expect one. “Sacramento County knowingly violated state and federal laws, misappropriated taxpayer revenues and diverted funds designated for indigent citizens to pay for services delivered to illegal aliens,” Dr. Rogers said. “And they did so even as they cut the budget.”

But no, don’t blame the illegals leeching off the system…

“I’ve seen cases and case histories of patients who essentially have come up from Mexico for the express purpose of being treated here, and then leaving to return home,” Dr. Rogers said. “I’ve watched illegal immigrants brazenly demand free, non-emergency health care that was meant for our poorest citizens. I’ve heard them and their families complain. They feel entitled to it.” Dr. Rogers filed a lawsuit in 2003 after county officials “stonewalled” him when he questioned why they were cutting budgets while still providing non-emergency medical treatment to people who have no legal right to be in the country.

Remember this next time you hear someone simultaneously supporting illegal immigration and complaining about the state of healthcare for poor Americans.

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Whose Country?
August 20th, 2007 9:13 pm

The illegal alien who spent the last year “hiding” out in a Chicago church has been arrested and deported.

An immigration activist who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year to avoid being separated from her son has been deported to Mexico, the church’s pastor said.

Even when being deported, the MSM still refuses to call them illegal and instead opts to sanctify them with titles like “activist”.

“She has been deported. She is free and in Tijuana,” said Coleman, who said he spoke to her on the phone. “She is in good spirits. She is ready to continue the struggle against the separation of families from the other side of the border.”

Fantastic, and we’re here to help that noble cause. Just tell us where to send them…

Arellano, 32, became a symbol of the struggles of illegal immigrant parents when she took refuge in the church to avoid being separated from her 8-year-old son Saul, who was born in the U.S. and is thus a citizen.

She had said Saturday she was not afraid of being taken into custody by immigration agents.

“From the time I took sanctuary the possibility has existed that they arrest me in the place and time they want,” she said in Spanish. “I only have two choices. I either go to my country, Mexico, or stay and keep fighting. I decided to stay and fight.”

And there you have it, folks. Even she admits “her country” is Mexico. So why are we even still debating this crap?

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