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Olbermann went on another self-righteous diatribe Saturday regarding the shooting spree at Rep. Giffords’ meeting that morning. He ranted incessantly about all the conservatives that must be to blame - from Palin to Beck to O’reilly to Sharron Angle and the Tea Party - for the massacre.

Yes, it’s all conservatives’ fault.

Nevermind that while you’re calling for an end to “gun metaphors”, your own community organizer in chief, Barack Obama, is out rallying supporters by telling them how to “counter Republican attacks” like this:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Nevermind that while you’re casting all blame on Conservatives creating a “climate of hate”, you’re completely ignoring the fact that the climate of hate is almost exclusively a progressive movement.

Nevermind that even when you try to use a historical reference to bolster your point, you highlight your ignorance to such a degree that you actually end up undermining your entire lengthy, boring diatribe.

We will not return to the 1850s, when a pro-slavery Congressman nearly beat to death an anti-slavery Senator…

Here’s a free history lesson, Keith… that pro-slavery Congressman, Preston Brooks, was a DEMOCRAT. His victim, the anti-slavery Senator, was Charles Sumner… a REPUBLICAN.

Next time you try to get all self-righteous… you might want to do a little research first. Idiot.

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MSNBC’s lead D-bagger, KKKeith Olbermann wants to know where the diversity is in the Tea Party events…. Tea Party would like to know where the diversity is on MSNBC.

Truth is, Olbermann would never show up because he knows there will be minorities there and, being a typical racist liberal, he’d rather preach from his lily white network penthouse about racial insensitivity than actually come down and comingle with “those kinds of people”.

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