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A Pentagon review of conditions in the Guantanamo Bay military prison has concluded that the treatment of detainees meets the requirements of the Geneva Convention but that prisoners in the highest-security camps should be allowed more religious and social interaction with one another, according to a government official who has read the 85-page document.

This is just further proof that the liberal nutroots are full of crap. For years, they’ve been protesting Gitmo and bitching and moaning that it needed to be shut down because it was so crual and inhumane to the terrorists we were holding there. Well, this report kinda puts a damper on the Community Organizer in Chief’s stupid policy of shutting down a terrorist detention center just to please those handful of idiot radical liberals.

But don’t worry… the report did outline some of the horrible conditions the evil American military was subjecting the terrorists to….

But Walsh did find that prisoners should be allowed more communal recreation and prayer time.

We are such an evil nation (according to liberals) that we deny terrorists things like kickball and sing-a-longs. Oh, the humanity.

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Memorial Day
May 26th, 2008 1:20 am

Please take a moment to remember our heroes. If it’s not something you already do often, please take a moment to thank a soldier today.

God bless our troops and their families.

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Welcome Home Heroes
April 6th, 2008 5:05 am

This is a story from last year, but I thought I’d post it again in case you hadn’t seen it. Veteran Bert Brady is making it his duty to insure today’s generation of soldiers return home from war with the right reception.

Here’s the homepage for Welcome Home Heroes.

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Kenneth J. Theisen is an organizer with the “World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!”, a far leftist group that sponsors many of the anti-war protests around the world. Theisen is finally stepping up and admitting what most liberals are too cowardly to admit:

Commentary: Why I Don’t Support the Troops
By Kenneth Thiesen 2008-03-11

In the recent political battle around the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley there has been much confusion around the concept or slogan of “supporting the troops,” but opposing the unjust wars of the Bush regime. Many who oppose the Bush regime wars also say they “support the troops.” Let me say it straight out—I do not support the troops and neither should you. It is objectively impossible to support the troops of the imperialist military forces of the U.S. and at the same time oppose the wars in which they fight.

At least he’s honest in his disdain for our brave military men and women. He may not support them, but he ought to at least thank them for being the very ones that give him the freedom to publicly voice his stupidity. Oh, the irony.

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This is why Democrats aren’t credible when it comes to dealing with the military. Here’s yet another example of how the Democrats tried to use military service in wartime as a litmus test for the Presidency in 2004 and are now disclaiming military service in wartime as “overrated” and unimportant.

In 2004, Democrats claimed that John Kerry was more qualified than Bush because Kerry had seen the battlefield in wartime. Wes Clark tried to paint the Presidential election in terms of one who had served in war versus one who allegedly hadn’t and declared Kerry more fit for the Presidency because of it.

“War. War. I’ve been there. So has John Kerry. I’ve heard the thump of enemy mortars. I’ve seen the tracers fly. Bled on the battlefield. Recovered in hospitals. Received and obeyed orders. Sent men and women into battle. Awarded medals, comforted families, attended funerals.”

John Kerry has heard the thump of enemy mortars.

He’s seen the flash of the tracers. He’s lived the values of service and sacrifice. In the Navy, as a prosecutor, as a senator, he proved his physical courage under fire. And he’s proved his moral courage too.”

John Kerry will lead America with strength and wisdom. He has the will to fight. He has the moral courage born in battle to pursue and secure a strong peace.”

But in 2008, apparently military service in a time of war - not to mention one’s status as a prisoner of war for five and a half years (in the very same war Democrats politicized in the 2004 cycle) - isn’t all that important.

“Everybody admires John McCain’s service as a fighter pilot, his courage as a prisoner of war. There’s no issue there. He’s a great man and an honorable man. But having served as a fighter pilot — and I know my experience as a company commander in Vietnam — that doesn’t prepare you to be commander-in-chief in terms of dealing with the national strategic issues that are involved. It may give you a feeling for what the troops are going through in the process, but it doesn’t give you the experience first hand of the national strategic issues.

If you look at what Hillary Clinton has done during her time as the First Lady of the United States, her travel to 80 countries, her representing the U.S. abroad, plus her years in the Senate, I think she’s the most experienced and capable person in the race, not only for representing am abroad, but for dealing with the tough issues of national security.”

I guess being married to a draft-dodging, military-loathing President now trumps actual service in the military as the Democrats’ litmus test.

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Veterans’ Day 2007
November 11th, 2007 11:11 am

To each and every veteran and his or her family who’ve ever served this great nation…

…Thank You.

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If only they’d spend this much effort trying to support the troops.

Remember Scott Thomas Beauchamp? He’s the “Baghdad Diarist” who wrote a piece called “Shock Troops” for The New Republic claiming he’d witnessed all sorts of atrocities committed by the U.S. military in Iraq. (Very reminiscent of John Kerry’s “Jengis Khan” moment, isn’t it?)

As expected, the big “We told you so” moment has arrived and the story has been proven to be a gigantic anti-military lie.

And to make matters worse, the liberal rag that published this garbage has been trying to cover up the big lie ever since they realized the world would find out. And they’re pissed off the public knows about it. They’ve gone silent on the story hoping it will go away - claiming that “they’re waiting for all the facts to come in before they do any further reporting on the story.”

Gee, guys. It sure would’ve been nice if you’d “waited for all the facts to come in” BEFORE publishing such anti-military propaganda while we’re in the middle of a war.

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No word yet on whether Democrats in Congress, with their newfound “pro-military” stance, will issue a resolution condemning the actions of these protestors their base.

“We are so shocked and horrified that the Marines have come to Berkeley to prey on our children,” said Zanne Joi, a Code Pink member.

Last week, the Code Pink group protested by defacing the recruiting center and calling the recruiters liars.

Keep protesting the very men and women that protect you, liberals, and someday you may learn the hard way that burkas don’t come in pink.

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Originally posted July 26th - Updated August 7th

What is it with liberals and their desire to undermine the very soldiers who are risking their lives to protect them?

Just who is the “Baghdad Diarist”?

It is a question that many people are asking The New Republic, the Washington political magazine that has been running articles attributed to an American soldier in Baghdad.

The author, who used the pen name Scott Thomas, has written three articles for the magazine since February, describing gruesome incidents in Iraq. Last week, The Weekly Standard questioned the veracity of the New Republic articles and invited readers with knowledge about the military or Baghdad to comment.

And what makes them think they can get away with it?

Here’s the kicker…

Now that these questions have been raised, we’ve launched an inquiry. We’re putting the full resources of the magazine to look into the story,” Mr. Foer said. “It’s taking me a little bit longer than I wish it did. The author, not to mention some of the participants in the anecdotes he described, are active duty soldiers and they’re on 20-hour active combat missions sometimes, and it’s very difficult for me to get them all on the phone to ask them the questions that I’d like to ask.”

Now that questions have been raised? Why don’t you guys use the full resources of the magazine to check the veracity of stories aimed at falsely discrediting the U.S. military BEFORE publishing them? (Now we know why… see Update #2 below.)

TNR unveils the “mystery” author. The guy using the pseudonym “Scott Thomas” was Scott Thomas Beauchamp. (Apparently he doesn’t quite get the concept of pseudonym)

HotAir has a lot more coverage already… including links to the guy’s blog. A couple of interesting entries includes this comment from “Scott Thomas“, when asked by a friend what exactly he does:

Tell them that I shoot, move, communicate, and kill. Much like your college career Glenn, only the deaths that I inflict secure the riches of the empire.

Looks like the kid’s got the lefty lines down pat.

And Michelle found this tidbit on his blog:

Every morning I get up and say I’m Scott Beauchamp, in the army, living in Germany, and this is my life, and I’m going to be treated like shit today and do landscaping and janitorial work and practice killing people and there could be no other way to appreciate what I had or what I’m going to have once I get out other than enduring this now when all I really want to do is teach history and lay around and read and hustle around and repair the world (tikkun olam) and sift through knowledge and improve culture and learn how to sail and work in soup kitchens and start a family and really, I mean REALLY study the best the western civilization has to offer and facilitiate the mystery and power through everything I do, but I cant do it without getting through this army experience first, which will add a legitimacy to EVERYTHING i do afterwards, and totally bolster my opinions on defense, etc, and of course its making me a lot less lazy, just because im not use to being lazy any more, etc.

Looks like a case of pre-meditated liberal propaganda that TNR was more than happy to publish without fact-checking first.

No wonder TNR was so quick to publish this guy’s stuff. Looks like his new soon-to-be bride just might happen to work for them.

In fact, she even quoted him in a 2004 article in a newspaper covering a pro-abortion rally.

Hundreds of thousands of people descended on the nation’s capital Sunday to protest recent U.S. policies regarding women’s reproductive health. Included in the throng of marchers were more than 100 young men and women from the Columbia area.

“I don’t think there’s usually enough men at these kind of events, so it’s really important to show up and support it,” said Scott Beauchamp, who endured a 24-hour bus ride from Columbia to attend Sunday’s march. “I think it’s really a civil rights issue.”

The plot thickens…

Another article from Beauchamp’s bride-to-be Elspeth Reeve in the same paper, The Missourian, includes this tidbit about Beauchamp:

“Glenn is completely submerged in politics on campus. It is honestly impossible to think about politics at MU without thinking of Glenn,” says Scott Beauchamp, editor-in-chief of Prospectus, a liberal campus news magazine. Beauchamp and Rehn met one year ago while campaigning for Howard Dean.

Scott even links to Glenn’s blog from his own.

Antiwar liberals with an agenda.. and a fiancé working for a liberal publishing house. How perfect.

It was only a matter of time before the charade was exposed.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp–author of the much-disputed “Shock Troops” article in the New Republic’s July 23 issue as well as two previous “Baghdad Diarist” columns–signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods–fabrications containing only “a smidgen of truth,” in the words of our source.

But don’t expect them to stop trying…

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I have a friend who may not know or ever call my name,
A friend who may not visit, but I thank them just the same.
My friend is called the soldier who’s on duty day and night,
For me to pledge allegiance, they have fought and paid the price.

Where would we be today without the brave hearts who have served,
So we can wave “Old Glory”; so our voices can be heard.
And what would life be like today without the many soldiers,
Who walked into the jaws of death with guns upon their shoulders.

Life would not be as great today, with freedom in our halls,
And we’d live in oppression and great fear would grip us all.
So when you see a soldier you should thank your God above,
For here’s someone who represents the greatest gift of love.

And when you pledge allegiance, you should see a uniform,
Of those who walked through battlefields and weathered many storms.
We cannot take for granted what it takes to pay the price,
And be a U.S. Soldier who has made a sacrifice.

And whether they are fighting on the ground or in the air,
Or sailing on the ocean, we can rest assured they’re there.
Oh what a peace it is for me to hear the sound of jets,
Of flying Air Force pilots who have bravely passed the tests.

And what a happy feeling when a ship pulls into port,
With smiling Navy Sailors who were holding down the fort.
Then what a sense of pride I have to see in my hometown,
A soldier in the Army who is serving on the ground.

And then there are the soldiers who are training on a team,
They’re proud and they’re courageous, the United States Marines.
If you have fought a battle or have lived through several wars,
And freed a camp of prisoners, saved a life or fed the poor.

Or if you’ve volunteered to go to places I’ve not been,
I salute you, U.S. Soldier, National Guard and Veteran friend.
For you have made the difference in America today,
And when I see the stars and stripes, I see a soldiers face.

A fearless face of courage lined with dignity and truth,
A face with battle scars or an enlisted face of youth.
And whether you are young or old, still serving or retired,
I live my life in debt to you who’s walked through many fires.

I sleep in peace at night because you will defend our borders,
To go where you are needed, you will follow any orders.
So thank you, may God bless you and this country you defend,
This land is what it is because the soldier is my friend.
-Norma E. Wright

God Bless the U.S. Military - past and present. Thank you for all you do.

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